Whenever you want your site to rank on the SERPs, you focus on the main stuff like keyword research, getting backlinks, and all that stuff; those factors are essential. However, choosing SEO-friendly WordPress themes for your website is an overlooked one that plays a significant role in making all of the techniques mentioned above successful. If you already have a WordPress site up and running, but your organic search traffic is lower than expected in your niche, you might have to consider SEO-friendly WordPress themes. Most of the time, it’s hard to understand the importance of picking an SEO-friendly WordPress theme. Although creating quality content takes a lot of hard work and time, if you don’t have an SEO-friendly theme to back it up, your output may not get the exposure it deserves because of the quality content and website design.

So you’re thinking about what precisely an SEO-friendly theme is and how it benefits the site? For instance, it needs to make it easy to include the specific keywords that represent your niche, have a well-organized code, well-optimized images, and have an excellent website loading speed. WordPress is one of the best content management systems for SEO, but you need to install and update an SEO-friendly WordPress theme and SEO plugins for the best result. To help you build and improve your site with a better user experience theme, here are our recommendations for the best SEO-friendly WordPress themes to improve your rank in the SERPs and boost organic traffic.

Best SEO-Friendly WordPress Themes:

1. Avada          

Avada is one of the most popular SEO-friendly WordPress themes around. It was acclaimed for its flexibility, ease of use, speed, extensive library of pre-built websites, user support, and an integrated page builder that could help anyone build their site without knowing how to code. The Avada multi-purpose WordPress theme is also built and designed with SEO practices in mind. This theme is 100% SEO-friendly, and in addition, you have the scope to design and develop engaging, structured content for any industry or niche.

With the custom Avada theme builder layouts, conditionals, and layout sections, you can easily decide how and where to replace relevant information on your website to aid SEO and user usability.


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2. Astra:

Building an effective WordPress website takes more than designing pages, adding content, and then pushing the publish button. First, you must ensure that most people find your site to get real results. This is precisely what Astra provides you: an effective, firm foundation to build your website while handling several SEO key factors.

With the Astra theme, you get schema markup and in-depth mobile page support, including lightweight code for better performance. The Astra theme is currently one of the most popular themes in the WordPress repository, and its speed is essential for anyone who wants to build an SEO-friendly website. Although the Astra theme doesn’t sacrifice customization for SEO friendliness, there are over 150 important demo sites available—some of the themes are free, and some are limited to premium users—and tools to modify them according to your needs and wants. So no matter what type of website you intend to build, Astra delivers the desired action on the design and SEO fronts.


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3. TheGem: 

Another popular pick among the best SEO-friendly WordPress themes is the Gem theme. It comes with over 400 pre-built demo websites, many unique page elements, some useful extensions, and a demo import option so you can get started immediately.

The Gem theme’s layout and codebase are SEO-friendly so that you can achieve better search ranking results. Moreover, the Gem theme is compatible with many popular SEO plugins and comes with fully responsive and high-performing page layouts, which are the two major factors search engine crawlers look for.

TheGem also comes with the unique feature of a drag-and-drop WPBakery website builder, which you can use to create your custom designs without any code. In addition, it integrates with Elementor, and if you prefer an alternative builder, that is best suited for you. 


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4. Divi: 

From developer Elegant Themes, the Divi theme is the flagship WordPress theme, and it’s one of the most popular SEO-friendly WordPress themes on the market. The Divi theme is known for its versatile style and integrated Divi Builder, which reformats your page builder interface into a drag-and-drop visual system.

Like other high-quality premium multi-purpose themes, the backend of Divi is coded based on SEO best practices, including descriptive HTML, responsive elements, and layout. Moreover, it has a lightweight design specially built for faster pages and a better user experience.

So, either you start building a website from scratch, or you download any of Divi’s dozens of pre-built websites, you can help your pages land high in search engine results pages among your competitors. 


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5. Jevelin

Jevelin is another one of the best SEO-friendly WordPress themes. This theme supports all major SEO plugins, such as Yoast SEO, All in One SEO, and Rank Math. Moreover, the Jevelin theme is capable of any website creation, even if you’re a beginner. This theme comes with WPBakery Page Builder plugin integration for drag-and-drop page building. In addition, it comes with Woo Commerce for easy e-commerce store setup.

The main features included in the Jevelin theme are AMP support, 40+ predefined demos, visual age building, and RTL compatibility.


6. Schema: 

Schema is one of the top-selling themes in the MyThemeShop marketplace. This theme prioritizes speed and SEO friendliness over everything else. The Schema theme is undoubtedly clean and high performing, with the speed test results from Pingdom to verify the claims. In addition, page regions and elements are coded with plenty of semantic descriptors for better indexing and accessibility, a significant perk of the schema theme.

The Scheme theme is integrated with the Elementor Page Builder plugin and supports responsive pages, so your website will look great across desktops and mobile devices. Several other essential features include built-in snippets for Google, an extensive collection of backgrounds, over 350 icons to use, and an ad management section of the theme options panel.


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7. Newsmag: 

Newsmag is another premium WordPress news and blogging theme with clean code and an SEO-optimized design. Newsmag’s theme pages load quickly, even on content-heavy sites with large amounts of text and images. In addition, it gives you virtually unlimited customization options within the theme that you can easily access with the included Visual Composer plugin and twenty content blocks. Newsmag is also AdSense-optimized to help you earn money from your site and embed-friendly, which makes it ideal for YouTube videos.


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8. Soledad: 

Soledad is another modern, SEO-friendly WordPress theme based on a magazine theme and a great initiative if you want to expand it with an online store. This theme is a one-stop solution for everyone to design SEO-friendly website themes across many interests and fields quickly. The main features included in Soledad are: it contains 220+ ready-to-use website demos, social media; auto-loading next posts; and GDPR policy.


9. Porto: 

Porto is an e-commerce and multi-purpose theme used by more than 73,000 customers. The Porto theme is loaded with exclusive features and includes over 126 pre-built sites that help you get started quickly. In addition, it comes with features to enhance the overall performance, which is the key factor of SEO. The Porto theme has a speed optimization wizard that allows us to make necessary changes to the website to improve performance. The Speed Optimize Wizard includes

  • removing unnecessary resources from the site,
  • optimizing slider resources,
  • enabling lazy loading for images, and
  • minimizing the elements.


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Last Thoughts: 

At last, we all know many things go into increasing the website’s organic traffic, and there are many ways to optimize your WordPress site. With all those possibilities, you should consider putting your theme on the back burner as a priority regarding SEO. At the same time, the WordPress theme makes up much of the site’s code and largely determines how your pages look to the indexing bots that inform your ranking. We recommend using the DIVI theme if you regularly work on web projects. This theme easily sorts you out regardless of your niche and industry.


What is meant by SEO-friendly WordPress themes?

These themes come with all the foundations of SEO optimization out of the box. However, it is usually the technical aspect of search engine optimization, like meta and header tags, schema, fast page loading, and mobile friendliness.

Are all WordPress themes SEO-friendly? 

No, not all WordPress themes are SEO-friendly. But most of the popular free and premium themes are the ones that have features for SEO.

Does changing the theme affect SEO? 

Yes, changing a theme has a strong impact on SEO. But it matters whether it affects SEO positively or negatively. So if you want to change your theme for a better SEO experience, pick from the above collection of SEO-friendly WordPress themes.

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