What is a Content Strategy Agency and How We help you Grow?

You are running a company, and your marketing team is doing its best to utilize the content in some way to drive traffic and user engagement. But if a question comes to mind, “Does your content deliver the exact results you want? You might have to consider hiring a content strategy agency if the answer is no.

Some facts, the Content Marketing Institute claims that more than 70% of businesses today outsource content, and only a small sector of them are outsourcing content with strategy. Most of the time, people just focus on creating content without thinking about the strategy. But remember that even the best content cannot meet all requirements and perform to its full potential without a solid strategy. I would give you a golden ticket suggestion: hiring a content strategy agency can be a game changer for your marketing ROI.

Let’s discuss what a content strategy agency is and how it can help you grow your marketing in respect of content and content marketing.

Table of Contents 

  1. Important Quick Takeaways
  2. Content strategy vs. content marketing
  3. What is a content strategy agency, and why do you hire them?
  4. 4 ways a content strategy agency helps your business grow
  5. Conclusion 

Important Quick Keynotes (Content Strategy Agency)

Some quick Keynotes of hiring a content strategy agency are:

  • Expand your business objectives as a content strategy agency, align your content efforts with larger business objectives, and move towards more traffic.
  • Content marketing without a strategy can lead to disappointing results and some types of business failures.
  • A content strategy agency will help you build more customer-oriented content designed with research and customer focus.
  • A content strategy agency can optimize your technical SEO, and because of this, search engines can easily crawl your website and drive traffic.

Content strategy vs. content marketing

As we discussed in a previous article, content marketing is the actual creation of content and its distribution according to the customer’s needs and wants. According to the facts, to earn 6x the conversions of the traditional marketing method, there must be 62% more cost-effective results.

Content strategy, on the other hand, is the proper guide for everything you do for content. The content strategy ensures that your content aligns with your business objectives to achieve higher goals. Content strategy defines:

  • The type of content you create
  • The channels where you distribute the content
  • Your proper content calendar
  • Metrics you will use to measure the performance of the content
  • Define the purpose behind your content efforts

Remember that, without a content strategy, content marketing can lose its direction and become fragmented. Creating content with a proper strategy ensures that content efforts always work toward the goal and deliver the highest possible ROI.

What is Content Strategy Agency, and why did you hire them?      

A content strategy agency helps you build a valid strategy to direct your efforts in the right direction. It goes beyond simple content creation and enables you to get the right targeted audience. When you work with them, you’ll get support on different things that include: defining the properly targeted audience, performing keyword research, building a proper content calendar, and solving troubleshooting issues, too.

The takeaway is that having a proper content strategy can give you a competitive edge in the content market. Hiring a qualified and expert content strategist is the best way to get the desired result and achieve your goals. After hiring them, you gain confidence in the ROI it will deliver for your brand.

4 ways a Content Strategy Agency helps your business grow 

Following are the ways in which a content strategy agency can help your business grow:

1. Deliver customer-focused content: 

A content strategy agency can help you create content for the targeted audience. What does it mean that they’ll deliver customer-focused content?

They will first assist you in defining the appropriate customer persona and developing strong value brand propositions so that you can easily understand why your customer should seek out your brand. When you create content that specifically addresses your audience’s needs and wants, you build their trust and make them feel you can provide the right solution.

Video Source: Strategyzer

In addition, your audience will find the content because it’s written about the specifics they want to know. A content strategy agency will work for you to conduct strong keyword research and develop suitable topics, titles, and meta for your blog that drive organic traffic.

2. Create Defined Plan

Creating a documented plan can feel just as time-consuming, but it’s one of the reasons many brands just let it fall to the wayside and choose to operate without a defined plan. A proper agency gives you a clearly defined marketing plan, and the pinnacle of this plan is a game changer for your brand. They have the processes and practices necessary to create detailed, defined, and shareable documented plans. This enables your team to actively collaborate and use the plan per the guidance for successfully executing the strategy.

The content calendar is equally essential as a defined plan is important. Your Calendar keeps your publishing schedule on track and describes who, what and when content has to be distributed on time.

3. Performance Management

An experienced content strategy agency cares about your performance and measures it from time to time. They don’t just focus on one campaign or one piece of content. They focus on the overall success of your brand through content because it’s their job. It indicates their effectiveness.

They actively track and deliver your performance in a professional way and report it regularly. You are aware of what’s working and what’s not. And you’ll be able to work with the agency in the future to improve and find new opportunities to grow your business.

4. Technical SEO

As we all know, technical SEO is taking your website’s structure content and aligning the content according to the technical search engine requirements. Strong technical SEO allows search engines to easily find your site and crawl it through their robots and then index it. As the name implies, most of the technical aspects of SEO require our technical knowledge of how websites and search engines operate. A content strategy agency will have people on its team who can optimize the technical SEO of your website for better Google rankings.


Increate Technologies has a team of content strategists, writers, and SEO experts who can help you build and execute a plan that delivers the best results. To learn more about us, just send us an email or schedule a quick consultation to talk with us directly.

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