When it comes to website creation, there are some important components that play a part in building an entire website and running it. Front-end and back-end development, as well as website planning, strategy, and creation, are always required for an e-commerce website, an informative website, a local business website, or a blog. One of the main differences between design and development is; that development is the actual building of the website from scratch or with the help of coding. While the design is like decorating a house with different patterns and colors, it revolves around the aesthetics and functionality of a website. Both of them benefit from an understanding of the other and go hand-in-hand in the website creation process.

When you’re looking for a professional to design a brand for you, you should make a plan for how you’ll launch your website. You don’t want to make mistakes in the website creation process, as it’s the cornerstone of your business. You can find many designers in almost every price range that offers a website as a part of their package. It takes a lot of different parts, and when you’re ready to make a custom site or one based on a template, you’ll need a designer and developer.

But here’s the question: Can a website designer develop my website? Not necessarily! Investing in a website always costs a pretty penny, but you should be assured of what you’re receiving when you book a designer or a developer. So, knowing the difference between design and development is a pretty easy way to decide whether you should hire a designer or a developer.

What is website design? 

Website design is planning a website’s look, feel, and function. Design covers areas such as user experience and user interface, also known as UX and UI. You can say website design is focused on the overall look of your website. Planning a website design requires research, ideation, execution, and, at last, technical assessment. Each of the phases is broken into a series of steps. Whoever is working in this field. Or wants to start a career in this field should have at least a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. When you are looking for a website designer. The concerned designer presents you with a PDF that usually shows what each page looks like.

A designer won’t decide how the site works, although some designers will work on it, but not everyone. When you work with a designer, you make a design plan and walk away with a plan for your website. But you have to find a separate person who is a developer to implement the design in the coding form on a website platform.

What is website development?

Web development is the technical coding process behind every website. There are mainly three types of developers you hear about:

  1. Back-end developers
  2. Front-end developers
  3. Full-stack developers.

Full-stack developers can take care of both front-end and back-end development. As we discussed earlier, a web developer translates a design into code or implements a content management system. And adds some functionalities to the visuals. There are different levels of development:

  1. Direct coding (typically seen on WordPress sites). It’s the most tried and true version of Web development.
  2. A middle-tier level encompasses sites built from scratch with apps that allow web development without using any code.
  3. A site based on or utilizing a template is the final level or scale of development that requires little to no development. You can take the example of Squarespace. It’s a platform that uses templates.

Why is this important to know? 

Knowing the difference between these two services will not only help you make a more informed. And clear decision when booking a designer or a developer. Also, your investment in the project should be weighed in a new, balanced way. If you invest your entire budget and do not receive web development. Where will your money come to build your website with your new visuals? So it’s more important to know what you’re spending your money on. And what will work best for your business success. Most designers don’t know how to code a website, and asking a developer to create graphics or make visual decisions would have been met with laughing or an eye roll.


Image Source: December Oak

Design and Develop with InCreate Technologies: 

Whether you need a developer or a designer, or a designer and developer all in one, we’re always here to evaluate your package option and book the service that works well for your business now. InCreate Technologies has a professionalized team for Web development. In the end, your investment will be worth the time and money. You’ll find the home that will take your business to the next level and build a strong connection with your audience. Contact us now.

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