How to Write Google Ads Headlines: | Ultimate Guide with Examples

In the digital world of Google Ads, we have a limited budget for real estate to make an impression on the public. On a website where you can add tons of content that draws people towards your site and convinces them to buy your products or services, your Google Ads headlines are your one-shot trick to showcase your products or services and attract people to click on your ad. In Google Ads, each headline is limited to 30 characters, so people can read your ads and click them when they find them in search results.

It would be best if you used a compelling ad headline that convinces users to click through your ad for the best results. So here’s the question: how do you write a good Google Ads headline that gets clicks and converts them into leads? Luckily, we’ve compiled an extensive list of the perfect Google Ads headlines with examples that will inspire your next PPC campaign.

Continue reading to find out the best Google Ads headlines with examples proven to work for various industries.

Headlines in Google Ads

In Google Ads, headlines are the first thing in your ad copy to be noticed, and your audience will read them, so a good headline should be selected wisely and carefully when the PPC campaign planning is underway. When the user or search engine pulls up the ad, the headline is the first thing they see, and it’s the core element that can make or break your ad. Google Ads headlines consist mainly of 3 headlines that are usually separated by a pipe symbol “|” or a separator “-,” and they have a 30-character limit. The headline you choose should be compelling and grab the audience’s attention while conveying a clear message about your advertisement.

Key Points to a Good Ad Headlines: 

An eye-catching and compelling headline is essential to getting your audience to click on your ad. It should capture your audience’s attention and inspire them to learn more about your advertisement.

Here is a list of characteristics of an excellent eye-catching Google Ads headline for your service or product, whatever you offer—and it will work for both niches.

  • Capture the user’s attention.
  • Inspire the audience to find out more about the advertisement.
  • The ad headline should be clever, creative, humorous, and interesting.
  • The headline should be short and to the point.
  • Explain the solution to the audience’s query or problem.
  • clear and easy to understand
  • It should reflect the nature of your business and business objectives.
  • It should make you stand out in the market.
  • Bring results to show.
  • Turn users into leads and customers.
  • Be specific about what you’re selling or offering.
  • Powerful testimonials about the specific product or service.

Google Ads Headlines Format Examples: 

We’ve gone through countless Google Ads headlines to bring you the best examples from different niches and industries. The list of Google Ads headlines we provide has proven to work and succeed in the industry. So go ahead and read on to get some inspiration. Add headline examples as a great inspiration for your next ad campaign.

1. Mention why you stand out from your competitors. 


This edition’s hotel website’s headline does a great job of differentiating itself from the competition. But, as they mention, “Time Square Edition and Luxury Hotel Experience” is also a great call to action and will ensure that users or searchers will click on their ads.

2. Give your users a guarantee and make a promise: 

The above headline example is very clever and should immediately grab the searcher’s attention. The words “luxury hotel experience” and, in the second example, “best hotels in Naran” are excellent choices for click-through appealing words. The fact that the first headline contains the keyword “The Time Square Edition” indicates that users are most likely searching for it. And it also hints at something tourists mostly want to find: an ideal location.

3. Talk about your experience: 


These headlines are outstanding in a way that the first headline mentions “15+ years of SEO experience,” which is a huge milestone and builds trust with their users.


This Google ad headline is a perfect example of showing your expertise to the audience. They mention “Award Winning SEO Experts,” which reinforces their credibility and shows their business is on the top list with the headline “2022 Top Rated SEO Agency.”

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 What is a Google Ads Headline? 

The Google Ads headline is the most crucial part of your ad, as the ad headline gives a summary of your campaign. With a compelling headline, you can capture the audience’s attention and get more clicks that later convert into leads and customers.

 What are the three headlines included in the Google Ads headline? 

In Google Ads Headline, the first two headlines are required to add, and the third one is optional. The extra headline field allows you to add additional text to your ads to capture attention. You can use up to 30 characters in a headline.

 How can I change my Google ad Headline? 
  1. Sign in to your Google Ads account.
  2. On the left page menu, click “Ads & extensions.”
  3. Find the ad you’d like to edit.
  4. Hover your cursor over the ad’s name and click the pencil icon.
  5. Select Edit.
  6. Make changes to your ad text and click Save New Version.
What things make a good Google ad? 

For effective potential customer reach, the text included in the ads should be specific, relevant, empowering, and attractive to the audience.


Google Ads Headlines are important because they are the main factor determining your campaign’s success rate. Ads should be intriguing, informative, and accurate to get the most clicks. Moreover, it would help if you used a persuasive and informative tone to make your ad message more compelling. Lastly, you should add a call to action (CTA) in your ads to grab the user’s attention quickly.

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