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The most important factor in any corporate security strategy is a comprehensive solution, providing high levels of business process and data protection together with wide-ranging security capabilities to fight advanced threats. No matter what your IT infrastructure comprises – desktops, servers, information systems, data centers or virtual machines – you need a security solution specifically designed to deliver optimum security levels to all components. Some of the growing concerns of Telecom organizations continue to be:

  • Comprehensive information security risk assessment covering the entire organization
  • Understanding and addressing legal & regulatory requirements
  • Focus on information security in a holistic manner covering telecom network, equipment and IT systems
  • Strengthening internal organization security with changing threats and operational requirements of a business
  • Third party security being part of the Information Security Framework
  • Defining an operations control framework for maintaining the privacy of sensitive information
  • Continuous assessment of risks emerging from new technologies and defining controls to mitigate them
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IT & Telecom Services

We deliver the expertise, tools and infrastructure you need to secure your information assets and demonstrate compliance with stadards and regulations 24x7x365.

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