Whether you’re an expert or a greenhorn in content marketing, you know that you have to be a standout marketer to succeed in this competitive field. To create content that converts into traffic and engagement, you must understand your targeted audience and tailor your content to speak to their pain points. Some businesses seem like they’ve got a dreamy streak when it comes to content marketing. Their blog posts are shared by many of the influencers, and they recommend them to their fans. And the fact is, they got a massive amount of leads and engagement because their content was that good. You can spend a lot of money on content marketing goals, but no one succeeds without making an effort.

On the same side, you’re spending hours creating content that leads to traffic and sales for your targeted audience, but unfortunately, you don’t get enough traffic to make it worth the effort. You want to increase your website traffic because you know you’ve got an awesome site but nobody sees it, and that hurts. You can spend a lot of money on content marketing goals, but no one succeeds without making an effort.

For a little more effort, you should have to do these things:

  1. Research all the bits
  2. Connect with your targeted audience
  3. Create original content and add some interesting twists.
  4. Your reader’s needs and wants
  5. Add new ideas.

10 Content Marketing Goals: 

As you know, content marketing can make search engines happy and attract organic traffic. To start, here are 10 content marketing goals to increase website traffic and help you create content that leads to massive traffic and user engagement.

Let’s dig in:

1. Understand content marketing goals: 

An excellent and powerful content marketing strategy is mainly focused on measurable goals. Content is king. As a whole, content marketing goals should align with your business goals and properly advocate for your products and services. But for better results and to get a more profitable outcome from your content, you should categorize your goals and design content in a way that advances each goal.

For a while, if you’re marketing a well-known and established product or a service, your top five marketing goals are:

  1. Build a loyal relationship with your customers.
  2. increase sales and revenue
  3. Educate your audience through blogs
  4. increasing your subscriber base
  5. Boosting your website’s authority

On the other hand, if you’re marketing a new product or just a start-up, your marketing goals may be like these:

  1. Building your brand awareness
  2. Generating new leads and user demands
  3. Advertise and propagate product knowledge
  4. Generating sales and conversions
  5. Establish credibility and trust

After that, when you break down your marketing goals according to the niche, you’ll have a clear content creation map that will help you achieve your goals faster and more efficiently. According to composite marketing statistics, only 74% of marketers set marketing goals and proceeded according to them. and only 2% of marketers say that they consistently achieve them. So as a result, if you want to be among the 3% of marketers who achieve their goals, you must first understand your marketing goals and then classify them.


Image Source: CoSchedule Marketing Statistics for 2022

2. Create a buyer persona and understand the target audience:

Every marketer somehow knows who their targeted audiences are, their demographics (age, gender, where they live), and even their social status. Whenever you break down your audience’s demographics and psychographic traits, that creates a customer profile and portrays what your customer looks like. This is called a buyer persona. And it is useful when you create content. A well-prepared and well-researched buyer persona guides you to develop well-ranked blogs and content marketing campaigns relevant to your targeted audience. For a powerful buyer persona, you should invest time and resources to do in-depth research that establishes customer goals and challenges.


Image Source: Venn gage Buyer Persona Templates

3. Reflect your brand’s voice through content:

Every successful brand has adopted a unique way of branding and has a unique personality that distinguishes them from other competitors in the market. This personality is shown in a company’s communication, content, and marketing strategies to attract and evoke an audience’s emotions. We can name it “brand voice.” In every piece you write, from an ad copy, blog post, and email communication to social media posts, you should carry on your brand’s voice. For instance, if your brand voice is authorized and is on an official level, your content should include tonnes of stats, high-authority links, some audience-friendly infographics, and interviews with experts.

On the other hand, if your brand’s voice is friendly, you should include some funny codes in your content to keep your audience’s sense of humor alive and their interest piqued. With a great brand’s voice for your customers, you’ll enjoy these benefits:

  • Long-lasting first impressions with customers
  • Build your brand loyalty.
  • Increase the brand’s recognition
  • Stand out from the competitors.

When creating your brand’s voice, you should consider these things:

  • Ensure that your brand’s voice aligns with your company’s missions and goals.
  • Research your targeted audience to ensure that they will resonate with your brand’s voice.
  • Analyze your insights and past and current top-performing content pieces to get a feel for why your audience loves your brand.
  • Define in clear terms what your brand’s voice shouldn’t feel like.

Thankfully, now you can get the right tone for your brand’s voice, integrate it with your content, and double your conversions.

4. Keyword Research:

As always, keyword research is one of the best content marketing tips till now that will remain evergreen because keyword research is the main pillar of every successful SEO and content marketing campaign. And it succeeds with the selection of the right keywords. For better keyword research, you should know: what makes a keyword good or bad? Every company has a high-volume and low-competition keyword. But getting these types of keywords is a long shot, and for this, you should have to hire an SEO service provider to get the most competitive keywords.

For keyword selection, you should have to select a keyword research tool, whether it is a paid or free tool. Most keyword research tools will help you find the most relevant and competitive keywords for your niche and will show you the search volume, CPC, associated keywords, and other important metrics. These tools are convenient and essential for performing keyword research.

Some of the keyword research tools include SEMrush, Ahrefs Keyword Explorer, KWFinder, Keyword Surfer, Uber Suggest, and many more. Or else you can use Google to search for keyword ideas by including a focus keyword.  And then try some question searches to find the most convenient one.

After searching for the keywords related to the niche, analyze your competitors’ keywords. as your competitors’ keywords help you determine the content your customer has already consumed. Once you have selected the long-tail keywords and optimized them. It’s time to incorporate them into your content. Performing thorough keyword research is one of the content marketing tips that can make or break your content marketing strategy.

Just giving you a bonus tip: To get more keyword ideas and more optimized keywords according to your brand. Always check the related searches, and people also check the “Ask” section to get more filtered results.

5. Create a content calendar:

Creating premium-quality content will put you on the road to success. But publishing the content is what keeps you at your success level. And ahead of your competition. For creating and publishing content without falling behind and without missing deadlines, you need a content calendar that will organize all your scheduled tasks in one place. There are many content calendar software options, including CoScedule, Trello, WordPress, and Buffer. An editorial calendar eases collaboration among all team members. And also among third-party contributors. These are the choices if you have a team doing content marketing.

6. Call to Action content for customers:

In this fast-moving world, no one has time to read cringe-worthy and shady dog story content; they can easily find another random website for their concern. Your audience always craves actionable and practical content and solutions that they can put to use right away. The measure of your ability to take action on content depends on your target audience. For a while, if your targeted audience is B2B decision makers, you must create high-quality content that reflects the topics B2B businesses tackle. If your audience is B2C, the content you create is easy to follow and friendly.

For your ease, there are some actionable traits for your content creation team that you should integrate into your content to get the desired results:

  • Use visual information like infographics, pictures, videos, memes, and other visual stuff to explain more complex points and processes.
  • Create content according to humans, so it doesn’t read robotically.
  • Use real-world illustrations to build loyalty and credibility.
  • Add a FAQs section to increase credibility.

7. Improve your writing skills:

You can read as many contents writing tips blogs and articles as you can to improve your writing skills. For better writing, you must have perfect grammar and an attractive writing style that sucks in your prospects at the primary level. Avoid compelling mistakes like spelling mistakes, punctuation and capitalization issues, and a balance of passive voice. For this all in one pack in Grammarly. We all know that Grammarly is a writer’s best friend.

8. Social Media Sharing:

After creating and publishing the content on the website, you may think you’ve done enough to gain hundreds or thousands of social shares. But if you’ve been in this field, you know it’s hard to get online readers who will share your content, even though the content is of top-notch quality. That’s why you need to make it easier for your users to read and share it on social media. That’s how you can gain massive website traffic.

9. Create powerful calls to action:

Let’s face a fact: We all want our content marketing strategies to increase our leads and sales. However, writing content marketing that is overly focused on selling will be a huge turn-off and will increase your churn rate. For better leads and to achieve profitable customer action, you have to leverage call-to-actions (CTAs). To your knowledge, a “call to action” is a line of text to trigger your customer’s action. CTAs drive readers towards a desired action such as purchase, subscription, learning more, sharing, submitting forms, etc.

10. Measure the success of the content:

After implementing the above marketing goals, now you have to measure your success rate. All the writing and content marketing tips we discussed above are top-notch and valuable, but if they don’t yield a profitable outcome for your brand or business, then they are not beneficial.

To know whether your strategies work or not, you must measure your success by tracking and measuring essential content metrics that include:

Website Behavior: The visitor’s website behavior includes tracking metrics such as page views, pages per session, bounce rate, page average time, and the proportion of new and returning visitors.

User Engagement: User engagement means tracking user comments, re-publications, mentions, comments, shares, and upvotes.

SEO Result: These results encompass keyword ranking, backlink building, authority score, and percentage of organic traffic on the site.

Tracking and measuring content metrics may seem overwhelming because you have to create the content concurrently.

Final Thoughts: 

These are all the 10 content marketing goals for increasing website traffic. You should enable the creation of unique content that will lead to conversion and organic traffic. However, we believe that creating a content marketing strategy for your brand can be challenging and take time. That’s where we come in.

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