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Bio Metric

InCreate Security Service has been working to provide the best solutions to all sorts of firms in terms of biometric attendance machines in order to make sure that the staff is managed in terms of punctuality. Our services include provision of devices for fingerprint reading, face recognition and other such detection tools. Among the most popular systems that we have installed so far include the fingerprint attendance machine and similar attendance systems.

It is not just the sale of the product but our services include installing these devices in your place and complete post installing technical support. We are among the very few biometric solution providers in Pakistan who provide quality service and customer care in the long term. We constantly update and upgrade our system and invest in our products in order to keep up with the rapidly changing and evolving field of technology which increases the demands of our customers. Such upgradations have helped us to be equipped with the best solutions and services that our clients seek

Security services are our strength and we have the best quality available to ensure the safety and security of your institutes, firms and homes. The biometric systems are a definite way of identification or verification which help strengthen your security.

Our specialties include


  • Efficiency
  • Cost effectiveness
  • High quality service
  • Customer care and support
  • Best technical support
Bio Metric Advantages
Bio Metric Machine



  • Intuitive system—requires no training
  • Ergonomically friendly design
  • Easy to understand user guidance by illumination and fully automatic image capture
  • Instant quality check feedback to the user
  • Auto Capture of left and right hands and both thumbs
  • Auto Capture of all flats and rolled fingers
  • Ultra lightweight and portable
  • Provides a value-priced option, suitable for any office environment
  • Water and dust protected housing

Our Engineers continually research market trends as well as follow and educate themselves with the new changes. We are responsible for your complete satisfaction in specifying the right products for your requirements.

Let us help you get your office, home or building 100% secure.

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