Car Inspection Mirrors

Secure your Vehicle and Parking
Car Inspection Mirror

Car Inspection Mirrors


Ideal for inspecting difficult or dangerous areas, the inspection mirror is used by security guards, police, army and anti-bomb squads. Impact resistant with a 12″ Convex acrylic face, the mirrors pure silver face provides you with bright, clear reflections.

Provided with torch mounting kit to help illuminate dark areas, the inspections mirror also folds up making it easy to store in the provided carry bag when not in use. The castle wheel design and low ground clearance of only 3.5” makes searching under vehicles simple and easy.



Mirror: 33/ 28CM Acrylic poles with high strength

Minimum height detection: 10CM

Poles: retractable Poles, 170 degrees flipping joint design, can utmost to detect objects, and by double shell ,plastic loop, adopts the high quality double insurance aluminum structure and multiple high strength, light, strong, processing. Surface uses clean workshop baking lacquer processing, long-term use outdoor not fade, no odor, harmless to the human body. Equipped with black bubble holds cotton hand, suitable for long time
Light source: Fluorescent lamp and LED light is optional

Packing list includes:

  • Convex mirror
  • Spin ball
  • Washing
  • The universal mobile wheel
  • The flashlight

Total length: 1.3M (retractable)

Weight: 2KG

Car Inspection Mirror

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