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CCtv camera

Security Cameras

We deal in security cameras of various types. Be it the outdoor security cameras, home security cameras, the wireless security camera systems and much more. Whatever it is that you need, inCreate Security services is providing the best solutions at the most affordable price across Pakistan.

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Biometric Attendance system

You might be running a business with a need of strict clocking of employees. This is where a number of biometric systems can be used for varying purposes. Our team works to provide you the best biometric attendance system that clearly matches your requirements.

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Bio Metric
Security Alarm

Security Alarms

Considering the rising state of fear in our surroundings, we concentrate on ensuring that there is absolutely no compromise on security. This makes us among the best security alarm companies in Pakistan. Dealing in home and commercial security alarm systems, we truly care for your security and safety.

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Specifying a problem and providing its solution in Networks is a complex technical challenge to face. Even most simple Networks may comprise of Equipment of different Manufacturers, Technologies of different Type, and Communication Media of different nature. So the responsibility of making sure that everything works together requires experience and skill.

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network cable
Walk through Gate

Walk Through Gates

Our metal detection equipment secures high-traffic, high-risk venues such as government buildings, correctional facilities, airports, power plants, and schools. From portals capable of spotting hard-to-find weapons and threats as small as a needle to a selection of versatile handheld units, these detectors deliver outstanding performance.

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Car Inspection Mirror

Ideal for inspecting difficult or dangerous areas, the inspection mirror is used by security guards, police, army and anti-bomb squads. Impact resistant with a 12″ Convex acrylic face, the mirrors pure silver face provides you with bright, clear reflections.

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Car Inspection Mirror
Hand Held Metal

Handheld Metal Detectors

Hand-held metal detectors are an integral part of the physical security screening process. inCreate Securities can provide you with a unit that benefits security personnel as well as the person being scanned. This Hand-held metal detector allows you to thoroughly scan an individual, while keeping your hand away from their body.

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Conference Audio System

We at inCreate Technologies, specialize in providing state of the art conference room solutions at turnkey basis. We have ample experience in providing innovative conference room solutions. We have complete number of successful projects where state of the art conferencing systems & solutions have been provided.

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Audio Conference System
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