Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become the most usable and popular digital marketing practice in this era. Surely, there’s no way of success or completion for any business without utilizing SEO techniques. In SEO, on-page and off-page technical elements influence search engine pages. Among the different benefits of SEO, one advantage is that it enables your website to rank higher and promote your content on search engines to reach your targeted audience. According to the latest statistics on SEO, 81% of the customers and 91% of the businesses’ buyers who are B2B usually perform an online search before they purchase anything.

According to Internet Live Stats’ Google Search Statistics, Google processes over 40,000 searches every second, translating to 3.5 billion daily searches and 1.2 trillion searches per year globally. Man! There is a huge amount of search activity; people use search engines for every little thing. As a result, we can assume the owners of businesses or blog owners are obsessed with SEO. You are one of those who are considered to have jumped on the search marketing bandwagon by hiring a team of SEO professionals for your online business or hiring an SEO agency at some point in time.

But before that, you already know what SEO does for you and your business. What are the benefits of SEO for your website? In this article, we lay out the benefits of SEO in depth.

Table of Contents 

  1. What is SEO?
  2. Why SEO is important for your Business?
  3. Top 10 Benefits of SEO
  4. FAQs
  5. Final Thoughts
  6. Get Your SEO Done with InCreate Technologies

What is SEO? 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the technique of obtaining organic traffic to your website and improving its ranking on the search engine results pages. It’s a series of strategies and tools that help you keep your website optimized for search engine approval and greater ranking.

SEO helps you to attract more potential customers and readers to your website. And increase leads, conversions, and as a result, sales. It mainly requires high-quality content creation, technical health monitoring of your website, earning high-authority quality backlinks from other websites, and more.

Why is SEO important for your business? 

SEO is as much important for people as for search engines. It’s all about increasing your visibility and making it easier for customers to find your business and the products and services they are searching for. The reason why SEO is important is that the ranking of your website is invariably connected with visibility. So, for the visibility of your website on search engines, you have to focus on what your target audience is looking for on search engines. To stand out from the competition and improve leads and conversions, you need to prioritize SEO on your website by working with SEO professionals. 

The Top 10 Benefits of SEO: 

Every tool and product has its own set of advantages. SEO strategies are no different from them. They also bring benefits that will help your online business rank in search engines. These 10 benefits of SEO are fuel for your website.

1. SEO Increases Business Credibility:

A website that is featured or ranks highly among search engine results is usually considered an authentic and trustworthy website. Search engines consider it a more relevant, useful, and genuine source of information for the user and prefer that website to other websites. Search engine optimization is the only way to make your website rank higher on search engines, and it will bring traffic and eventually fulfill your business goals. SEO helps to establish the authority of your site through different techniques, get backlinks from other high-authority sites according to your niche, optimize on-page content, also known as on-page SEO, identify broken links, and improve your site’s user experience.

2. SEO is cost-effective:

Another one of the best benefits of SEO is that it costs you nothing. The only condition is that you need to be an SEO expert to win the game. SEO is considered the most cost-effective strategy for your business as it works 24/7 to boost your business for better rankings. This means that if working hours are over, you’re not working on it for some time, but the search engine content is continuously there to crawl your website and target more audiences searching for your services and products. The inbound marketing nature of SEO enables brands to save a noticeable amount of money.

3. Free Website Traffic from SEO:

SEO means free traffic, which drives organic traffic to your website. Some people use PPC (Pay per click) to generate traffic from search engine results, but it’s a paid technique. In contrast, SEO generates free traffic 24/7.

Now you’re thinking about the difference between PPC and SEO traffic. Both generate traffic to the website and are beneficial for the website. Let me explain it in a few words: the major difference between SEO and PPC is that SEO-generated traffic is free and available 24/7, whereas, with PPC, you have to pay for ads. And whenever you stop paying, the traffic stops.

For a better understanding of PPC and SEO, you can take the simple example of a water tap. As long as the water tap is on (i.e., you are paying for ads), water (traffic) will flow. But as soon as the TAP is turned off, the traffic (water) no longer flows (i.e., it no longer generates traffic).

But in the SEO case, it helps you to generate long-lasting traffic free of cost. So, for free ways to generate traffic and increase conversions, you’ll need SEO for your website.

4. SEO improves engagement rates: 

SEO is not just about ranking in search results; it’s also about sharing informative content to increase user engagement. The condition is higher-quality content. If your content is authentic and informative for users, it will build user trust and, later on, turn them into customers and increase overall sales.

Most people use their mobile phones to search for anything because it appears more convenient. As a result, if your website is mobile-friendly, SEO can do many wonders for your business and increase user engagement drastically. Moreover, to improve user engagement for your website, it’s necessary to perform an SEO audit to ensure that your site is crawled, rendered, and indexed by Google. Google is constantly monitoring user behavior, including the time spent on the pages and the site’s bounce rate, to decide whether they had a good experience or not while visiting the site.

5. SEO helps to build brand awareness. 

Building a brand is the key to success, whether online or offline. People want products and services from authentic and trustworthy brands. They don’t buy from strangers. That’s why you need to build an authorized brand. People should know about your brand’s products and services. Can you only cover some of the people in your buyer’s pool for a long time?

The more and more people know about your brand, the higher your ranking and the faster your brand will grow. “Brand is everything.” For brand awareness, you can use SEO to spread brand awareness among people and grow your audience.

There are a few things you should do to build your brand and stand out in the market:

  1. Use branded keywords.
  2. Rank for navigational keywords, for example, Facebook. Twitter, Google, your product name, or your brand’s name
  3. implement local SEO strategies according to the area.

But all in all, SEO helps to build your brand awareness and convert people into buyers.

6. SEO is measurable:

One of the big reasons why most brands and businesses invest in SEO is that it is measurable. When you invest in SEO, you can track the results, including traffic, conversions, leads, and the source of conversions.

Here I’m mentioning some KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to track the SEO results.

  • Measure the organic traffic (which shows you how many visitors visit your website from search results organically, and you can easily track it from Google Analytics).
  • Keyword rankings show your keywords’ performance in search results and their position. You can track them by using SEMrush’s tool.
  • Search visibility shows how often your website appears in the search results for ranking keywords, and a Google Search Console can easily track it.
  • The average session duration of a website shows you how much time a visitor spends on your website and what type of content he prefers more on your website. It can be tracked through Google Analytics.
  • Organic CTR measures the ratio of clicks on your site to the total number of visitors who viewed the search results.

So as we discussed above, most SEO KPIs are easy to track and measure through Google Search Console and Google Analytics. Both of these tools are free to use. So, when creating a website, integrate Google Analytics and Google Search Console to track your SEO efforts.

7. SEO improves offline sales as well: 

Everyone is looking for online stores and products and services in this digital world before visiting an outlet. They want to check the review and its credibility by checking the review, product feedback, etc. So if you’re running a business online and offline, investing your time and money in SEO can help you grow simultaneously. According to a Forbes study, 82% of smartphone users research the product on their phones before they visit the store offline. The study also shows that 45% of the customers read reviews before purchasing the product. More than 90% of people are influenced by online reviews when they purchase a product.

Implementing or following a strong SEO strategy online will help you grow offline and increase sales in your outlet.


8. SEO gives a high return on investment (ROI).

We’re all the same; we always look for a high return on investment, right? One of the biggest benefits of SEO is that it produces a high ROI, no matter what niche or industry you are in. If your website performs well in organic search results, focus on short-tail keywords. You can expect a higher profit, traffic, leads, and sales return.

Here are some important things you can consider while calculating your ROI.

  • Sign-ups for newsletters
  • Product Subscriptions and Purchases
  • repeat traffic from search engines.

9. SEO helps to acquire quality backlinks: 

Search engines like Google give more preference to websites that have more quality backlinks. One of the best and proven ways to attract quality backlinks is to start a website and start doing SEO. A backlink is just a simple link from one website to another. There are mainly two types of backlinks:

Do-Follow Backlinks: These types of backlinks tell search engines to follow the link and are essential to growing traffic.

No-follow backlinks: They are just added to the numbering of links for stability, and search engines do not follow them.

I prefer do-follow backlinks while doing SEO to increase the credibility and domain authority of the website.

10. SEO can help small businesses compete with well-known brands:

If you’re running a small business, don’t worry. You can do your best with SEO. SEO is the best channel for you to increase your sales and leads to your website. SEO helps small businesses create fast and secured websites to rank higher on search engines like Google and Bingo. Not only this, but you can also compete with the other well-known big brands. For success, you need competitive keywords, build relevant, high-quality links, and focus on offering quality products to attract customers.


What is SEO? 

SEO is the process of optimizing your website and improving organic traffic to rank higher on search engines for specific keywords.

What are the main benefits of SEO? 

Some of the main benefits of SEO are:

  • Increase organic traffic and optimize the user experience.
  • Increase your sales!
  • Target the entire marketing funnel.
  • SEO enhances PPC success.
  • Help you generate leads and improve your brand online.

What are SEO tricks? 

  • Find “Suggest Keywords”
  • Delete zombie or broken links.
  • Add infographics and videos
  • Update your content
  • Speed up your website

Is SEO not working in 2022?

SEO is not dead in 2022; it updates from time to time. Old SEO tricks and strategies are not working now. Keep updated about all of Google’s search algorithm updates and make your website useful for users according to the new updates.

How can SEO increase website traffic? 

SEO can increase your website traffic organically, free of charge. It increases traffic by ensuring your website content matches the user’s searches and relevant products, so it draws visitors to your site. Organic SEO is the process of ranking on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).

What Are the Best Free SEO Tools? 

Following are the best free SEO tools you can use:

  • Bing Webmaster
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Data Studio
  • MozCast
  • Keyword Hero
  • Link Redirect Trace

Final Thoughts: 

If you’re not prioritizing SEO, you are missing all the local searches that people make on search engines related to your products and services. Your targeted audience uses search engines daily for every little thing, and you’re missing the opportunity. It would be best if you had an SEO strategy to reach them and convert them into buyers.

Get Your SEO Done with InCreate Technologies: 

Outsourcing SEO professionals or SEO agencies is the new norm worldwide. When companies purchase SEO services from agencies, they increase their bandwidth and benefit from the expertise of the experts. With seven years of experience, InCreate Technologies is your partner with all IT and marketing solutions. Our SEO experts can help you rapidly scale and grow your business by integrating the best SEO techniques and trends. Visit us now and book a free consultation call to avail the best SEO services.

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